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In the inaugural episode Bethany tells us who she thinks is sexy while holding the constant threat of a dick punch if Jeremy was to ever do the same, Game of Thrones crushes feels.


Episode 2 includes stories from the "Co-Hosts In Life" about their first times getting down and dirty...with themselves, We get our very first listener email that is guaranteed to get some LOL's, And Jeremy tells a tale about a guy and his taffy-like dick

This week it's Bethany's turn to share a little more about herself and we read more of your first time masturbation stories in Secret Origins, we share our top 5 celebrity fuck lists, plus the debut of WTF Did I just Watch

This week Jeremy discusses that he may (or may not) have a beef with a comic book artist AND reveals a Secret Origin, Bethany reads more of YOUR first time masturbation stories, and we review a movie that most certainly SUCKS.

This week we share some fucked up news stories from around the world, and What The Fuck Did I Just Watch? returns with the "classic" film Human Centipede. 

Be sure to leave us a review on Stitcher, and I'll force my wife to give you mouth lovin'

This week the "Co-Hosts In Life" discuss skipping school, and awkward moments with the Police Department, A special guest joins the show to share his Secret Origin, The final Faptales of the year might just be the hottest yet, they pimp some new shows that you can hear on the CPN Podcast Network, and WTF Did I Just Watch? features a movie about Man Eating Vaginas!

On this week's episode of Unholy Matrimony we learn all about Bethany's days in the Police Explorers and how her Mom made her Principal cry, They shit all over the self help industry, A feud with another podcast takes a turn for the hilarious, and on WTF Did I Just Watch? they take a trip to 1987 to watch the severely unwatchable Teen Wolf Too. 

This week marital issues interrupt the peace at the Staples compound, but the calm is restored with a little help from their friends, Faptales returns with one last story of masturbatory genesis, and Jeremy confesses to getting arrested twice in the same week for the same dumb crime.

This week we take a Boise Dog Fucker to task and let him know it's probably not a good idea to fuck with our family, Bethany shares a Secret Origin and learns that not everything is private on the internetz, and we take on yet another Mega Douche. Yep, two in one week! 

This week we discuss some fucked up news stories from around the world, Jeremy tells a tale of being an awful friend, and we review Drop Dead Fred. RIP Rik Mayall.

This week we discuss outdoor relations both our own, and a recent encounter of the awkward kind, Plus we reveal how we formed our Unholy Union. 

We're proud to announce that we're participating in this year's 30 Day Podcast Challenge brought to you by! You can find all of our challenge entries by clicking the image above. 

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